Mark Anthony Jacoby is a longtime political coordinator and circulator-industry executive who has a background in signature-gathering campaigns. As head of Let The Voters Decide, Mark Anthony Jacoby works with a variety of clients, including Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and more, directing signature-collection activities that bring issues to the ballot. Committed to transparent pricing, Mr. Jacoby coordinates efforts on behalf of concerned citizens, potential candidates, and political action groups.

Leading efforts in several states, he takes pride in completing projects that have high thresholds and expedited time schedules. He has set in place a pro-circulator environment that rewards employees and values their efforts toward common goals.

Mr. Jacoby also has a strong charitable commitment and leads a foundation that enables people to move beyond life's challenges and succeed on their own terms. Every year, he leads groups of between 50 and 100 travelers on trips to various global destinations. An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys hiking excursions when he has the opportunity.